Washington Post’s Resident Idiot John Feinstein Says Nats Shutting Down Strasburg in 2012 Cost Them in 2013

And now it can be said, with almost no doubt, that the decision to shut Stephen Strasburg down last September didn’t cost Washington one chance to win a World Series, it cost the team and the city two chances. Because if one thing is clear about the debacle that was this summer it is that it was set up by the disaster of last fall.

In an awful piece of journalism (that I won’t be linking to) where he makes no discernible effort to pretend he has a clue, John Feinstein of the Washington Post said the Nationals didn’t win this year because the team shut down Stephen Strasburg at the end of last season. Yes, he, in a desperate attempt to put himself into the spotlight and grab pageviews on washingtonpost.com (which he has succeeded at, so gotta give him credit there) makes all sorts of connections, based on absolutely no actual facts or reality. Old man Feinstein ignores obvious reasons the team didn’t make the playoffs, such as their inability to hit the ball for the majority of the season, and instead says that if Strasburg wasn’t shut down last year, Drew Storen wouldn’t have blown the save vs the Cardinals in the playoffs, so they wouldn’t have signed Rafael Soriano, who he seems to put a lot of the blame on. It really makes no sense at all.

So good job, Mr. Feinstein. You got the attention you were craving. Can’t wait to see what your imagination comes up with next.

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